4 Free and Easy Ways to Measure the Success of Your Social Media Pages

There are many analytic tools out there that can help you analyze and measure your organization’s success on social media. Here are 4 free and easy analytic tools that will help you improve your social media strategy without breaking the bank.

Facebook Insights
If you have a Facebook page, then you have Facebook Insights. When on your page, you should see Page, Inbox, Notifications, Insights, and Publishing Tools across the top. After selecting “Insights,” you’ll have user-friendly access to information about your post reach, fans, page views, post engagement, and more. This data will give you a better understanding of what posts work and which posts don’t, who’s engaging with your posts the most and should be considered your target audience, and what kind of reactions your posts are getting. All in all, you’ll see what you should keep doing on Facebook versus what you shouldn’t with this free tool.

Twitter Analytics
Every Twitter account has access to Twitter Analytics, including personal accounts. Visit analytics.twitter.com and log in to whichever account you would like data for. You’ll then have access to a 28 day overall account summary, top tweets and engagement statistics, follower demographics, and upcoming events you could create a campaign for to increase impressions and engagements. When applicable, Twitter analytics can also help you track conversions. These statistics can be analyzed to see what strategies are working on Twitter, and which are not. From there you can decide how to move forward with your marketing strategy for your organization or even a personal brand.

Websta Instagram Analytics

Websta is a useful analytic tool for Instagram. Websta works for any Instagram account you have a username and password for, as with Twitter Analytics. However, the data is a little more limited on Websta since it is a third-party tool and not directly connected to Instagram. You can still see post engagement and content distribution, just not in as much detail. There aren’t a lot of follower demographics, either. The one major benefit I would say of Websta over the other analytic tools is that it gives you an optimization report for the best time to post on Instagram based on your followers and past engagement patterns.


Keyhole offers measurements for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can search the data for an analytic report of any public page on these platforms for free, or you can pay for more in-depth analytic reports of your pages in particular. On the free version, however, you can choose to track a hashtag, account, keyword, mention, or URL. These reports provide information such as top posts and hashtags by engagement, follower growth, and optimal post time. Unfortunately, to save or download any of the reports specifically, you’ll need to pay for an account. You can see a lot of data on the graphs provided without downloading them, though. You really can get a lot of great analytics from Keyhole without even paying for account, so it’s definitely worth checking out.


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