Nonprofits Want Touchdowns, Too

The Super Bowl is the most watched annual event on television. Over 100 million people tune in to the Super Bowl, which is a dream marketing opportunity for most companies.

A standard 30-second ad in Super Bowl XLI cost an average of $5 million. Big names in the auto, travel, and food and beverage industries could afford this. Many actually used their commercial time to send powerful messages this year, including Budweiser, Audi, and Airrbnb.

But do you know who didn’t get the opportunity to share their powerful messages through a Super Bowl ad this year? Nonprofit organizations.

Unfortunately, most nonprofit organizations can’t afford local commercial advertising, let alone $5 million Super Bowl ads. That’s simply not what nonprofit funds are for.

Looking forward, it would be neat to see more Cause-related marketing ads in the Super Bowl. Cause-related marketing gives for-profit companies the chance to collaborate with nonprofit organizations. For-profits show consumers they care about a cause while nonprofits receive recognition and/or donations. It’s a win-win marketing deal.

There were definitely some powerful ads in this year’s Super Bowl, but a quick spotlight on a nonprofit organization related to the topic of the commercial could have helped them stand out that much more.

If companies spared just a few seconds of their Super Bowl ads to sponsor a nonprofit organization, millions of people would see it. Millions of people would be made aware of a great organization and its mission. Thousands of dollars would be donated. A cause would be significantly helped.

Nonprofit organizations appreciate every penny they receive, and thank every donor and sponsor who gives. They’re passionate about their causes, and just want to inspire others to be passionate, too. And as much as they’d love to share their messages with millions of people on national television, they can’t afford to pay $5 million to do that.

We need cause-related marketing to raise awareness of nonprofit organizations and the causes they stand for. Cause-related marketing could (and should) be the next big thing in future Super Bowl ads. The teams in the Super Bowl fight for what they believe in during the game, so who’s to say for-profit companies can’t do the same for a cause they care about during their ads?


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